“Bridge for the Future” Youth Campus

European Youth Association is a major participant and is presented with its delegation in the World Forum “Bridge for the Future”, (Central and Eastern Europe +China).

Our CEO Dejan Ilioski had speech in the main forum and he said that this forum is one of the fruits of excellent cooperation between Macedonia and China. He presented our country’s activities in the field of youth activities and policies and programmes aimed at young people and also He said about new projects initiative for cross-border cooperation between young entrepreneurs in various sectors, as infrastructure, business start ups, technologies, green products etc and creating sustainable partnerships between all countries included in the 17 + 1. A key moment was the presentation of presentations and reports by some of the main participants in the forum, such as Special Assistant to CEO of Ali Baba Group, Deputy Ministers from other countries and businesses etc.

During the first few days, the program included visits to industrial and business zones, logistics centers and parks, the world’s second largest port located in the town. Ningbo and other strategic sites for the exchange of information and experience between young entrepreneurs.

With the delegation we visited the largest shopping center in the world. Over 80,000 stores present products imported and exported by China. We also looked at their freight station and their development plan, which they have already implemented and have completed over 15,000 km of railway lines in the last year. We were also able to reach the China Post distribution center. About 300 conveyors distribute about 14 million shipments every hour. With the delegation, we visited one of China’s largest car factories. Mixed car production with DVG and electric cars. Here every 30 seconds a car comes out and the plant can’t keep up. We visited a mountain village where we were demonstrated by traditional kung fu show and Chinese dancing…

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