Economic Forum of Young Leaders

From 8 to 10 September 2020, Dejan Ilioski – CEO of the European Youth Association participated in the biggest virtual international social and economic meeting of young leaders in Europe. The topic this year was “Solidarity of Young Leader – Future Skill”.

The young leaders gather at the Forum to discuss, about the future of the Old Continent, possible solutions to economic and social problems, the influence of young people on the development of the state and society, and about new technologies that supports business development.

“The 15th Economic Forum of Young Leaders – Online is an amazing opportunity to meet the most charismatic leaders, young businessmen and aspiring politicians; it also helps in building a network of contacts that may later be useful in building one’s own perspectives”. – said Dejan Ilioski

This year, participants had an amazing opportunity to participate in different online workshops, meetings with representatives of government, local government, business and science, interesting online discussion panels and debates, online intercultural evening with joint gamification etc.

The most notable, delightful and pleasing moment was when the President of the Poland H.E. Andrzej Duda took the floor at the online forum, welcomed everyone and said that the forum creates and forms serious leaders worldwide. Certainly, his presence itself highlighted the importance of the Economic Forum of Young Leaders.

“In order to be a leader, you have to be educated, know as least two languages, but also you have to learn through observation and to be brave” – said President of the Poland H.E. Andrzej Duda

We want to underline and highlight the fact, that in an intercultural society, no one is left unchanged because everyone learns from one another and grows together. We believe, we grow up stronger when we grow up together and show solidarity.


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