Young Leaders of Central and Eastern Europe and China Share Experiences Fighting COVID-19

The young leaders from Central and Eastern Europe and China took part in an online event to share their actions in tackling COVID-19. The session reached a consensus: humanity is a community of shared destiny, unity and cooperation is the most powerful weapon to overcome the epidemic.

In the battle against the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic, a moving picture was screened in China: On the way to escort an 87-year-old gentleman out of the ward for CT, medical staff stopped and accompanied the elderly to appreciate the long-lost sun. Shi Weili, a doctor from Peking University Third Hospital and a member of the National Aid Medical Team, showed this photo to everyone at the meeting and told the story behind it.

In Wuhan, a doctor accompanied a patient to watch the sun. Picture source: China Youth Daily, China Youth Online Video Department

Shi Weili said that from the current situation, the new coronavirus will not disappear in a short time, and humans are likely to coexist with it. “In this case, we still have to have hope, remain optimistic, and still love life.”

“Even if the virus persists for a long time, it still needs to love life”

Blanco Koarik, a member of the Scientific Committee of the Government of the Republic of Croatia, director of the Research Center for Geriatric Health Protection of the Ministry of Health and epidemiologist, agrees. His video background is a beautiful city photo, showing the beautiful scenery of the country’s small town Dubrovnik. He expressed the hope that the outbreak in Croatia will be contained in the summer, and the beautiful Adriatic Sea is waiting for people there.

Koarik said that Dubrovnik has the world’s earliest isolation facilities and was built in the 14th century. Picture source: China Youth Daily, China Youth Online Video Department

“In the face of the epidemic, we are all running on the same road. Everyone is in a community of shared destiny. The epidemic has made us more aware of the importance of solidarity and cooperation.” – said Hong Guimei, deputy director of China International Youth Exchange Center.

In this epidemic prevention and control battle, young people from all countries played an important role. Wu Wei, deputy secretary general of the All-China Youth Federation, shared the experience of China’s anti-epidemic and resumption of production and production, and the situation of the National Youth League mobilizing and organizing youth to participate in the anti-epidemic situation. According to reports, among the more than 40,000 medical personnel supporting Hubei, more than 12,000 are young people born in the post-90s and post-00s. They proved their responsibility, responsibility, and value by action.

The coronavirus disease pandemic is still having an enormous impact on daily lives of millions across the world, including the Western Balkan, said Dejan Ilioski from North Macedonia.

“In 2020, we should not call it the “new year of pneumonia”, but we should call it the “reset year”, to set new goals and priorities for life. Now is a good time to invest in ourselves and to plan a new business. I want to send a message to all young people – we must seize the opportunity and focus on new knowledge, new technology. We need to protect everyone, everywhere and to ensure no one is left behind. People all around world are joining forces to show that we are stronger together.” – said Dejan Ilioski, Executive Director of the European Youth Association.

Czech people use home sewing machines to make masks. Due to the lack of epidemic prevention materials, the Czech people made masks by hand.

“We are very happy to see the Czech people united from top to bottom. In the face of the epidemic, people showed a spirit of selfless dedication. We found that everyone became heroes at that moment, helping each other and supporting each other. Sometimes, we found that the hero is not difficult at all, he often only needs a simple smile. In this special period, the most important thing is to spread the belief of solidarity. Unity can win, and no one can protect himself in isolation. No one is an isolated island, and the new crown epidemic is our common enemy. This is true not only for the Czech people, but also for people all over the world. I think that only mutual help and strengthen cooperation can we come to fight against the epidemic” – said Patrick Gibek, coordinator of the Czech MPMP media project.

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