Training Course “FSI”

The Training Course “Footprints for Social Inclusion” took place in Vila Nova de Tazem in Portugal. It involved participants from 8 countries: Portugal, Macedonia, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania and Greece, where trainers

Project “Be Your Own Boss”

Participants from European Youth Association participated in the preparatory meeting of the project “BYOB – Be Your Own Boss”, which took place in Marijampole, Lithuania. Team leaders from 6 organizations gathered together

Project “CMS” in Poland

The project took place in Krakow, Poland and involved participants from 14 organizations (Poland, Macedonia, Germany, Denmark, Malta, Belarus, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Morocco,Tunisia, Greece, Jordan,Lebanon, Latvia)

The International Summer Tour

The International Summer Tour in Tunisia is a project for young people from around world and different cultural backgrounds to meet and get to know each other. The participants got the chance to establish new friendships, share their