Project “Be Your Own Boss”

Participants from European Youth Association participated in the preparatory meeting of the project “BYOB – Be Your Own Boss”, which took place in Marijampole, Lithuania.
Team leaders from 6 organizations gathered together in Marijampole, Lithuania to prepare a youth exchange that will have the duration of 7 days, which will gather 42 young participants and will take place in Tbilisi, Georgia.

During the APV meeting team leaders discussed all important details regarding agenda, selection of participants, logistical part, agree on common rules and divide tasks between partners…

The Training Course took place in Bakuriani, Georgia.
A lot of the activities where dedicated to networking and exchanging ideas on youth entrepreneurship.
Participants managed to develop comprehensive business models and improved presentation and fast-thinking skills.
The main objective of the “BE YOUR OWN BOSS” (BYOB) project is to raise the self-confidence and motivation of youngsters to better initiate their entrepreneurial ideas, to share experience and opinion on
how to start-up and enhance competences in initiatives and employability.

We are proud to present eight amazing start-up ideas developed in frames of the #BYOB project:
1. I-smart
2. The Rolling Shoes
3. Crystal Clean
4. Babylonian Fish
5. Poolcar
6. Travelify
7. Smart-drobe
8. S.A.M

The countries involved are: Macedonia, Lithuania, Georgia, Romania, Italy, Czech Republic.

Entrepreneurship is a personal challenge and a great opportunity at the same time. To boost entrepreneurship among youth means to develop employability and creating jobs for youngsters which has the fundamental importance for the development of youth employment policy. Young leaders with creative ideas often do not have a sufficient knowledge how to realize their ideas in practice and this project aims to share good experience and brainstorm to keep on track of developing entrepreneurship as well as to gain international contact and youth networking.

Overall, it was an exciting experience followed by visiting great places meeting and befriending people from different countries that would last for the whole life.

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