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European Youth Association took part in the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. Our CEO Dejan Ilioski had speech about start up projects, innovation and entrepreneurship.

“The cross-sectoral approach combined with transnational cooperation is the key for new economic drivers, new business niches, value added chains.” – said the Executive director of the European Youth Association Dejan Ilioski

SPIEF 2019 was convened under the theme ‘Creating a Sustainable Development Agenda’. The St. Petersburg International Economic Forum is a unique event in the world of business and economics. SPIEF 2019 was attended by more than 19,000 people from 145 countries. The largest business delegation were China, USA, Germany, United Kingdom and France. Guests from every continent, and representatives from international organizations such as the UN, IMF, OPEC and others spoke ever more profusely on the need to operate in a single economic space and find new areas of common ground in a changing world.

“GLOBAL CHALLENGES REQUIRE GLOBAL SOLUTIONS” – said the Secretary General of the United Nations Mr Antonio Guterres

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Friends for Leadership

Over a few days at the SPIEF, the programme participants held a series of sessions as part of the main Forum programme as well as the Building Trust platform: ‘Young Leaders in an Era of Global Transformation, ‘Cooperation for Sustainable Development’, ‘Friends of Social Entrepreneurship’, ‘Friends of Technologies’, ‘Friends of Education’, ‘Friends of Cities’, and ‘Friends of Sustainable Development’. It has been a fantastic and inspiring time at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum with young leaders all over the world! Positive disruption is happening and youth from different parts of the world is playing a key role on working towards a more sustainable planet. We much appreciate each fruitful discussion and space to discuss coming projects and mutual collaboration – said CEO of the the European Youth Association Dejan Ilioski

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