October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month: “Broken Hearts still have Wings”

European YOUth Association and SEA Greece campaign #againstdomesticviolence. We stand for equality, we stand for human rights. This is the message of a real story.. The message of a voice against domestic violence. Help us to spread the message:

A true story about a “Letter That Was Never Sent”

“My dear,

Let me tell you my news … I’m fine, I’m taking care of myself, I’m smiling, I’m safe. I plan my future decisively, as you know me. But I still feel obliged to myself first of all, but to you as well. You should know … you should understand why I left out of the blue, why I left everything behind me even without a second change of clothes. Why so hurriedly… I had not planned anything, I promise. It’s that I couldn’t stand it at all anymore. Excuse me. But it was beyond my endurance. I wanted to forgive, but you did not let me. There would always be a reason for me to feel anger, rage and pain because of you. God does not want that either.

I gathered my remaining strength and I left. Days before I would not want to come back there. You wronged me and you wrong me… I would not want to be distant, sullen, unspoken, be constantly out of home under the pretext of work and obligations, even not to take the time to have beautiful conversations with you. I would not want that.

My hope was that I was growing up and the words to myself: “I will leave” … that I was thinking you just being in your blues and breaking out unwillingly… that I remembered you also had your good days while we laughed, had nice talks, that you were happy and proud of me in fact. But it was not in my imagination, right? There were days when you really love me. Then why?

Why so much pain? I cannot understand you… Why do I have like two persons in front of me? Who are you after all? You scare me and you hurt me. Finally I’ve started to forget your good, beautiful face. Why? I am thinking about it, maybe I get you wrong. But I cannot… If I were you, I would never hurt you. And so, I left…

My leaving was my voice. My leaving was my rescue. But I hope … that my departure was a lesson for you. Show your love to those who are left behind now. Love must be a caress. An affectionate caress or nothing. I do not want your love otherwise, and I do not accept it.

I would like to tell you all this in person. “To tell you – I’m fine. To tell me not to be afraid, and to hug me. To tell me that you feel me, and that you could justify why I was like that towards you, why I left all of a sudden”. I would like you to tell me that you love me, and to feel it… and to let me feel it…

But who are you after all? Better this way. I hope one day you will read all this and you will understand me and forgive yourself. I know it is difficult… Just promise me that I left your “good face” behind me and that you will take care of others. I would like your forgiveness, but I no longer believe in it. I believe in forgiveness, both mine and yours, from God the Father. What about you, my father?”

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