International Volunteer Forum

Last week the universe conspired in our favor and placed us, once again, in magnificent Russia, introducing us to a lot of new friends.

Our CEO Dejan Ilioski represented Europe and Macedonia at the International Volunteer Forum in Sochi 2019, where more than 6,000volunteers from all countries of the world participated in the event.

“Truly honored to share the platform with people that I admire greatly and to talk about SDGs and our Future Team’s goals. They will all change the world for the better! “Making a change to the world” is not as difficult as it may sound. Even a little good deed contributes significantly.

Representatives of all regions chose SDG 4 Quality Education as the most relevant goal of the volunteer projects back home. Special attention was paid to the importance of non-formal learning.

It had also been quite beautiful to be invited to the annual ‘’Volunteer of Russia 2019″ ceremony, awarded personally by President Vladimir Putin.” It was beautiful seeing the pride of the community they build together.

We hope this international exchange will further lead to impactful projects and initiatives. It also helped us to realize that despite major differences countries in all parts of the globe has to address the same challenges.

“Leaving no one behind”


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