Bled Strategic Forum and YoungBSF

Our CEO Dejan Ilioski participated at Bled Strategic Forum and YoungBSF, in Slovenia. Key topics discussed were the accession process of the WesternBalkans, the future of the EU and Brexit.

The BSF  international conference, with the Young Bled Strategic Forum as its integral part, strives to carry on its work with youth to ensure its multidimensional and long-lasting inclusion, inter-generational dialogue and a recognition of its needs and aspirations through development programmes and policies, as well as by involving young people in international forums and conferences. A special focus of the Young BSF shall be devoted to cross-regional cooperation and macro-regional strategies.

A new generation of leaders will demonstrate that such collaboration is not only necessary but also inevitable for positive next steps in democratization, the advancement of human rights, sustainable development, women’s empowerment, counter-terrorism and the fight against climate change. To achieve all this, young leaders need to learn from their peers from different regions, sharing their knowledge, ideas and know-how. Sustainable regional cooperation programmes are an intrinsic part of a comprehensive, inclusive and innovative approach that engages young people and prepares agents for change.


“Young people are the best advocates for global cooperation because their generation is the most interconnected in ideas, values, information and technology” H.E. Ms María Fernanda Espinosa, President of the UN General Assembly


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